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Friday, 13 July 2012 | 12:20 | 0 Gegergirl

Assalamualaikum and Hai there,

So for today's entry is all about SPM.
What is SPM? seriously you guys dont know what is SPM?
are you guys freaking kidding me? 

Hehe, ok sorry for my weird questions. hmm, I'm trying to create some kind of funny questions about SPM but it came out worst. You know what I mean, *awkward!

actually SPM is just around the corner and I really afraid of it.
Do pray for me guys :)

Thinking about future
Thursday, 5 April 2012 | 07:53 | 0 Gegergirl
Assalammualaikum and Hai everyone,

well, how should I start ? first, to gain some blessings from Allah, let's us start with Bismillah shall we?

So before that, I'm not trying to promote any course nor gaining some attention about my dreamed future course.
Think positive ok guys? hehe

Hmm, let's straight to the point. So you guys wanna know what course am I interested to continue on my study? and my answer will probably be yes ! I'm pretty sure that everyone has their own ambitions and their fav courses just like me. Actually I'm interested in biotechnology course. why ? maybe because biotechnology is kind of course that needs us to do research , study about living things and so on. However, the course that made me fall in love is Teaching English as Second Language or we can call it as | TESL | . hmm, the question is, what is TESL?

To be honest, I have no ideas where they have heard about TESL at first, because I only knew about TESL when I was in form 3, pathetic am I ? HAHA, As the year past, nowadays, people start to talk about it and not many of them like the course so much. But for certain people like me, it will definitely different.
The reason why I dreamed to continue my study in TESL is because I'm very enthusiast with English. Although I realized that there are lots of things related to English that I don't know or I don't have the chance to learn. but still, I love it. InshaAllah  I'll try my best to achieve it.  Ameen.

All in all, everything depends on Allah's will, have faith on Him.

Welcome Here.

Hey there. I'm Mukhlisa , just call me Liesa 19 years Old , once again , welcome to my blog .
awkward and awesome


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